Falsely Accused Day 2023

It is now only 2 months until Falsely Accused Day 2023. This year we are pleased to be joined by many campaign groups from around the world who, like us, are intending to bring the scourge of False Accusations into public view. Despite allegations increasing by over 600% in the last decade in the UK, the possibility of false claims is still ignored by every level of the justice system. This year we say #EnoughIsEnough, and we call for changes to the way in which unsupported allegations are treated. No one should ever be blindly believed, and prosecutions should only be made on the basis of corroborating evidence, not simply the testimony of an individual, which is the current position. Police failure to investigate thoroughly means that genuine victims are not getting justice and innocent people falsely accused of serious crimes are having their lives destroyed and risk the real possibility of serving a prison sentence for a crime they did not commit.

Join us on the 9th of September. Help us expose the reality of False Accusations and demand change. #EnoughIsEnough.