What is Falsely Accused Day (FAD)?

FAD runs the Falsely Accused Day website and helps promote events supporting the falsely accused.

Where is the FAD website?

It’s only in the very early stages but can be found at https://falselyaccusedday.org

Why 9th September?

We chose 9th September to honour Simon Warr on what would have been his birthday. Simon was himself falsely accused of historical child abuse and sadly passed away at the beginning of 2020.

What is the purpose of the FAD?

Falsely Accused Day has been put together by several individuals and support organisations in the UK who have joined to raise awareness of the scourge of False Accusations.

What kind of events can we take part in?

Anything that is legal and highlights the current legal system’s problems which enable innocent people to be wrongfully convicted

Might the day be featured in the newspaper or on TV?

This is the hope, yes.

Do I have to have been falsely accused myself to take part?


I’m in prison; can I get involved?

Yes, you can write letters to your MP, Inside Time newspaper.

Is FAD a support group?

No, FAD’s (Falsely Accused Day) sole purpose is to help support groups and individuals promote the cause and raise more awareness of this serious issue and dispel some of the myths that plague victims of false accusations. Please see our organisations page for organisations that may be able to help should you, or someone you care about, be falsely accused of a crime.

If I take part, how will my efforts be promoted?

We will publish your event on the FAD website, and various support groups will promote the website itself.

Can I take part in an event anonymously?

To the extent that your name won’t appear on the website, yes.

Is this a one-off event?

The plan is that this event will take place every year on 9th September.